What Makeup Brushes Do You Use?

Do you use Brushes?

Here is thought, imagine using a sponge to apply your liquid foundation? Think about the bacteria build up on that sponge if you do not clean it and then re apply. There is no real benefit in using a sponge or makeup pad to apply your makeup.

Brushes give a more flawless and smooth finish. You can pat the skin and blend with a brush to create a makeup finish that will last all day long. Brushes come in synthetic and natural hair so if you wash them once a month you wont have a build up of bacteria. They absorb less product than what a sponge would. Your saving product and $$$.

If you want to know more, I provide makeup workshops or one on one lessons to teach you how to apply makeup the correct way. I also can give you some tips on where you can purchase cheap, professional brushes.

This is a new brush by Arbonne. It is Amazing!! I used it last week to apply my loose powder and I was surprised by the way the powder sat on my skin. It is like a buffer, smooth over brush that makes you look so flawless.


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A Beauty Mistake That You Didn’t know You Were Making

Eveyone should use a Concealer. It has so many benefits.

How do you use your concealer? What comes first? Concealer or Foundation? It seems that this question is somewhat of a debate. In my opinion it makes sense to put the foundation on first and then you can see what area of the face is not covered up, for example: dark circles, pimples and uneven skin tone. If you take a step back and look in the mirror you will know exactly where the concealer is meant to go after applying the foundation. If you do this in reverse you will use more product by trying to cover up pimples and uneven skin tone.

You DO NOT need a lot of concealer.  Cream concealers are best as they are thicker and not as drying. For around the eyes you would only use a small amount on the lid and the inner corner of your eyes.


If you create a V shape with the concealer under the eye it will instantly lift that area (an illusion) and create a firmer and brighter look (see the image below). You don’t need concealer on the outer corners of your eyes as it is not needed there and it will only be a waste. Apply concealer like this (see image below) if you want a lift and even skin tone.


If you use too much concealer it can add years to your appearance and sit in the creases or crows feet (if any), it will only draw attention to that area. Don’t end up looking like this (see below), less is more. Choose the right shade for your skin tone.


Pat and press with your ring finger or a soft brush. The warmth of your finger will help spread the concealer with a gentle touch.

There are 4 different shades of concealer. Green, Yellow, Purple and Neutral.

Yellow is for the dark purple/blue tones under your eyes. It will instantly brighten and take away the dark tones.

Green is for redness, if you have rosacea this will be your new best friend. Mix a tiny bit of green concealer with a primer and blend over the redness. Afterwards put a little beige or a neutral concealer over the top so you don’t look green. This will instantly take the redness away and even out your skin tone.

 Purple is for pigmentation or any brown spots. If you have dark brown tones on your eyelids this shade will help even out the skin tone.

Neutral is the shade that is most popular. This is generally a skin tone colour and is good for covering pimples and putting on the top of your eyelids for a base for your eye shadow.

Creating a base for your eye shadow

Does your eye shadow look patchy? Does it start to crease or move over time? Trick is to place a small amount of neutral cream concealer all over your eye lid and blend with a brush. Then put a loose powder lightly over the top. Once you have done this you can then press your eye shadow into the eyelid. Press and pat then blend.

The concealer will not only make the eye shadow stay on and last all day, but the eye shadow will have more depth of colour and it wont be “see through” or patchy on the eyelid. This is such a great beauty tip – Try it out!

See now you know how to use concealer. It can really brighten and freshen up your face and your day 😉

If you have any questions or would like to know more about what concealer would be great for you just contact me.

Happy Concealing 😉