Who wants to look younger by using safe skin care products that actually WORK? My top 5 products are…


The CALM Arbonne cleanser is my go to product to take off all my makeup, (yes I wear foundation every day) and this amazing product takes it all off in one go, eye makeup and all!  I only use a small amount, it leaves my skin fresh, not tight just smooth. It doesn’t strip natural oils or dehydrate your skin. Cleansing your face AM and PM is very important.

Now I am just suggesting these products to my lovely clients, not all products suit everyone. A one on one consultation would be recommended.

$_35This is a Arbonne FC5 scrub and mask in one. Its great to use weekly to get rid of those dead skin cells and to tighten the pores. It draws out and dirt, oils and blackheads. I LOVE this product and I use it once a week. I leave it on for 5 minutes then rinse it  off. Your skin will feel tight after using this scrub/mask but then you move onto my next product….

21NAxWJdgiL CALM Arbonne Gentle moisturizer is my 3rd step and another great product. This is great if you have very sensitive skin, it will suit any skin type though. I use it because it has no SPF, No oils and it is very light weight. I love using this in the winter time. You skin will feel comfort and very hydrated. This product reminds me of Olay basic moisturizer. Its very simple and don’t forget.. VEGAN, No mineral oils or nasty ingredients.

2 Days

82% of participants in a clinical study agreed the products helped their skin feel softer and smoother, with improved appearance of skin texture and tone.*

IMG_7545A good eye cream is the most important product and I think everyone should be using one. The Arbonne RE9 eye cream is so rich and intense. It helps with fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. You only need to smallest pea size amount. Its totally worth it if you want to look younger. My eyes have never looked so good 😉 I have samples of all products of you wish to try a sample pack, I can post it.

After just 4 weeks*

  • 94% had significant improvement in firmness around the eyes.
  • 82% had significant improvement in the appearance of total lines and wrinkles around the eyes.


Now lastly.. for all those ladies who love a good body scrub!!! Winter it is best to scrub the body as we get so dry. Arbonne has a scrub called Awaken Scrub and the smells of coriander and lemon are just divine!! Its a scent that reminds me so much of summer!! It contains sea salt and oils to leave the skin feeling smooth and silky.

(I think that is why I love it so much)

If you need a sample or want any more advice on these amazing products just shoot me an email or contact me by phone.

Happy Anti Ageing! 😉


Valentines day inspired photo shoot!

Flawless makeup

Flawless makeup

This photo shoot I did a while back now was so much fun. It was a sexy shoot for Valentines day.

I went with a smokey eye and red lips to match the lingerie. All products I used were Arbonne cosmetics which I just love. The liquid foundation is just so flawless.

I now have some professional pictures to add to my Gallery.

Have a peak at my pictures.

Photography by: Sea Salt Studios  Model: Georgia Kate


Happy viewing 😉


What Makeup Brushes Do You Use?

Do you use Brushes?

Here is thought, imagine using a sponge to apply your liquid foundation? Think about the bacteria build up on that sponge if you do not clean it and then re apply. There is no real benefit in using a sponge or makeup pad to apply your makeup.

Brushes give a more flawless and smooth finish. You can pat the skin and blend with a brush to create a makeup finish that will last all day long. Brushes come in synthetic and natural hair so if you wash them once a month you wont have a build up of bacteria. They absorb less product than what a sponge would. Your saving product and $$$.

If you want to know more, I provide makeup workshops or one on one lessons to teach you how to apply makeup the correct way. I also can give you some tips on where you can purchase cheap, professional brushes.

This is a new brush by Arbonne. It is Amazing!! I used it last week to apply my loose powder and I was surprised by the way the powder sat on my skin. It is like a buffer, smooth over brush that makes you look so flawless.


Check out my Arbonne website to see more brushes.

Please Contact me if you need any more info.

Bye guys  😉

Valentines day inspired photo shoot!

On the weekend I had the pleasure in meeting Georgia and Damien. We collaborated together and did a lovely photo shoot. The theme was “Valentines day”. Picture this.. lingerie, roses and black silk. It was very sexy!

The shoot was my idea so i could do whatever i wanted for the makeup. I wanted to go with something seductive and sexy. Red lips is always a winner with a smokey eye.

The products that I used was an Arbonne primer for the base with an Arbonne liquid foundation all over. To set the foundation I then used an Arbonne compact powder. I mixed a Napoleon pro palette, (cream highlighters) white shimmer and the bronzer together on my palette to create a luminous cream that I then put on the cheek bones. Arbonne bronzer was used to contour the cheeks and face.

For the eyes I used a Napoleon Perdis loose dust in Beige – with a brown and charcoal eye shadow in the socket. We popped some big long lashes on for that extra “WOW” factor. Added to this was a black gel eyeliner which was put on top of the eyelid with a flick out to the corners of the eyes. I smudge under the eyes with a eye shadow to create a more smokey look.

Lastly the lips, Georgia has very nice, big lips so it was easy to put a bright colour on to make her lips stand out even more. I also used a red lip liner to make the lips look sharp and defined.

Here are some RAW images from the shoot but more will be uploaded to my gallery shortly. I can not wait to see the close up shots.

Photography by: Sea Salt Studios.  Model: Georgia

Raw image from the shootRaw image shoot

Formal makeup Inspiration

Formal_Makeup_8I collaborated with a photographer to organise a photo shoot with this young, beautiful lady. We all met online and we both wanted to work together to get some great makeup shots for our portfolios. A real model that has talent is hard to find.

We shot in a park in Thirroul, NSW and I did the makeup at my studio. We were wanting to achieve a “Formal makeup” look with the formal dress and shoes. I will post a close of the makeup below.

There really is no such a thing as a “Formal makeup” look. You can do whatever you wish for your makeup. Think about what lip colours will suit the dress? What skin tone do you have? Eye colour? There is no right or wrong and you will want to look your best. Work with your features and try to enhance them. A purple dress doesn’t necessarily mean purple lips or eyes. Keep it simple.

I did use Arbonne makeup for the base, such as the foundation, powder and the compact bronzer (my fav) I used Napoleon Perdis loose dust eye shadows. The base of the eyes were a lilac/soft pink tone. I did put on some luscious lashes to make the eyes pop. A simple light pink lip lacquer on the lips to give some shine. It all came together really well. Check out a close up picture below.

The shoot was perfect and the photos can only speak for themselves.


If you need a Formal makeup trial just contact me or send me a email for any advice or makeup tips. Check out my Arbonne website if you would like to know more about the products I use and love.


Happy Formals. 😉