Makeup on the go. Here is a quick 5 minute makeover.

If you are time poor or a mum on the go here are some basic makeup products to give you a glowing, natural look in just 5 minutes.

All you need is 1. A tinted moisturiser. This will even out your skin tone and it gives a little colour to the face. I use the Arbonne CC tinted cream. It will hydrate your skin and stay on all day. You only need about a pea size of this cream smoothed all over your face focusing on the centre of your face and working outwards to the jaw line.

2. Compact power dusted lightly over your face to set the cream. This is optional depending on what look you are going for. If you like a dewy finish or a matte finish. Try Arbonne’s compact powder for full to medium coverage. A light fluffy makeup brush is all you need to apply as you will have more control this way.

3. Bronzer or Blush to give a hint of colour to the cheeks. For a flushed look just use the blush and apply with a makeup brush, not the sponge. The Arbonne bronzer is my absolute favourite product. You can use it on your eyes to, just lightly dust over your eyes with a makeup brush or use it on your face to contour. It really gives a natural sun kissed glow.

4. Mascara Just apply two coats of your favourite mascara. I love Maybelline mascara’s.

5. Finish with a lip gloss or lipstick. This colour is great for a day time look, Arbonne’s Glossed over lip gloss

Now just brush your brows and away you go. Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember….

LESS IS MORE! Check out my inspiration page for more lovely day looks.

Hope you liked my blog 😉


In 5 minutes you could look makeup ready

In 5 minutes you could look makeup ready





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